How to succeed in online dating (without really trying)

by Larry Chiang

Every day I get at least 10 e-mails from guys who want better responses.

My answer:

References, references, references. Would you buy a car without researching? Would you select a movie before reading reviews?

Of course not.

So what would make you believe that any woman would be interested in you if she can't "Kelly Blue Book" you first?

You say you're this and that, but Forrester research has shown, "89% of women think that men are hiding something". Tackle this obstacle and you've just separated yourself from the pack.

I'll tell you how in a minute.

But first, when you as a man look at online photos, wouldn't you like some third party to confirm the authenticity of the photo?! Men value looks. Women value information.

Higher quality women need more. Short from uploading a copy of your W2 and paystubs, you can get "fact checked" by a third party entity in a painless manner.

Would you? Would you do so if you could keep your privacy?!

Reel her in with a "Dating Report Number"

This single piece of information can and will make the difference between making women swoon or make them run - away!

Your dating report number can proudly be loaded up for a one-time fee of $50. It comes with the guarantee that if within 30 days your response rates don't DOUBLE, we'll refund your money.

Call now! 415 720 8500

For example..
Courageous and career minded. Sick of the scene but am adventurous (am a first timer). I love walks along the beach, slow dancing and I have a good job. My friends say I am great guy. I have been identity confirmed TDR#2274-2290. I am looking for an athletic, active 30+ that doesn't play games and is good hearted. I am 34 years old and live in San Francisco. I recently moved from Chicago. 

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