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The concept is simple... Post experiences about people that you've interacted with.

Have you been treated badly?! Post it
Is he a Craigslist con-artist?! Email us.
Found out that he's married?! Report his username to us.
Said he lives in SF but actually visits from Ohio on business? Others need to know!

Feedback with online dating encounters now can be tracked and measured. Have an experience you think others can learn from?! Share it! TheDatingReport is just that... a report on dating. Use the search box below to check our your crush for FREE.

Click here to report your dating experience Include specifics details about your dating experience, so that people other people can learn from you and not get burned. Include in your email information about:

  1. Your boyfriend's user name, email addres
  2. Your boyfriend's cell phone number, home number or work number.
  3. NAME, nicknames, user alias,
  4. city, state and zip
  5. DOES the PICTURE not match the PERSON. Was it 50lbs ago? Were they 6 inches shorter? Report them!
  6. Keep profanity to a minimum. Dating experiences can be emotional but explicatives tend to get glossed over. Specific observations, detailed deceptions, real experiences, confirmed suspicions are all more useful than profanity.
  7. Dating service / website used (, Friendster, Lavalife, BigChurch, etc)

    You must have a working email address that will stay posted. You cannot post anonymously.

Click here to report your dating experience

You must have a working email address that will stay posted with the message. You cannot post anonymously

Learn from OPE (other people's experiences). If its happened, chances are someone documented it.

Use the search box below to find out what someone already found out.

Dating doesn't happen in a vacuum. This world is very small. Now you can learn whether bluetitan at thefacebook is a dating report fugitive...

Click here to report your dating experience

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