Founder, Larry Chiang says, "TheDatingReport is a dating score. Similar to how banks use FICO to determine risk for loans, we give the people you date a score on how likely they are to cheat on you"

The concept is simple... On a scale from 250 to 850, your dating score indicates how good and honest of a dater you are and WILL BE in the future Low scores indicate a high likelihood of cheating.

Cheated once on your high school sweetheart while you were drunk at the Kappa Sig party back in 1999: MINUS 25
Have a Craigslist personal ad posting even though you're seeing someone?! MINUS 45.
Took your girlfriend's family out when they visited SF, PLUS 80
Got an apartment on Russian Hill because you visit from Hong Kong on business away from your three kids, MINUS 120
Lied about his MBA from Wharton in 2001, MINUS 15
Have a dad that still takes your mom out on dates PLUS 75
Got abandoned / orphaned at an age two MINUS 30

The founder is a great predictor of future behavior having first gaining notoriety as a credit underwriting guru. These same analysis skills help you "know for sure what you pretty much think you know already".

Here's how it works

1.) email or call in data on your boyfriend, hook-up buddy or online romancer

2) get a dating report score along with detailed analysis and recommended interrogation questions

3) get your $19.95 back if you're not 100% happy

Disclaimer: we recommend talking to a lawyer (or another psychic) before making any personal life decisions

Now available, the largest library of its kind on our site. It archives dating experiences

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