culture clash - cliche relationship where the second wife is Asian and the woman has zero relationship with the husbands two kids. Yes its selfish but Mr "He-soo-hornie" doesn't care about future emotional issues or therapy sessions.

my "cookie" bf- cookie is person on the side. It implies second supplier of bootie. see Booty hierarchy

Scared checken. Girl who is made to watch porn.
Turtle. retracting of 'head' back into 'shell'
Flavor saver. Person that you will save for later
Rolling over one the eyed bear. Making out with a girl and then rolling over her stuffed animal she's had since age 11.
"one the eyed bear" - stuffed bear that is about ten - fifteen years old.

Roofie myself up! - Having to slip yourself a roofie cuz the alcohol buz isn't enough to get yourself to put out.

Ostrich. Girl who knows guys owns porn, but hopes it stays.

"Storied dating"- pick a guy based on how we met perfectly

Green banana - person that is just way too young to date.
Flavor savor of the same litter... - you can't crush two people in the same family or fraternity house.
Troll lover- girl that only dates ugly guys. Freezes worse than a deer in
headlights when a hot guy iss giving her play

SoCal rebounder - one who rebounds by hooking up in SF

LBH - loser back home. You're in Asia and the white guy there is called L.B.H.

AGF- asian guy fetish

iebie jibie jacket- protects against the ibie jibies

two time loser- a loser two times vs the one time loser variety

sexual sorbet - relationship(s) after a big break up that cleanse the palate and get you ready for your next real relationship.

TLA- twinkie love affair.

Twinkie - Yellow on the outside, white on the inside

Virginopoly - individual or group that monopolizes virgins or is a congregation of virgins

Slickie Trix - Euro visitor that dates multiple American women because he is doing what he can't do back home: date hairless, well showered women.

Tread-ator: guy who maintains an even-keel friendship with a girl, ever so patiently throughout her long-term relationship, hoping for the inevitable breakup, when he finally goes in for the kill guised as "let me cheer you up, you must be feeling so down"  

Cleanup along the Rio De Janeiro : Brazilian wax a girl gets pre-7th-date, fully knowing where the evening will go

Kiss-mas Eve -- The meaningless, awkward conversation that happens when both parties know that the first kiss will be happening in minutes    

UMfriend -- The way you inadvertently introduce someone you're clearly dating, but you don't want him/her to THINK you THINK you're dating. Useage: "This is my UM....friend, Ty**r".    

Sabatoge-a-trois -- It is forgiveable, almost charming, to act impulsively and irrationally a couple of times, but the third time you do it, it means you will break up. Tomorrow.    

Fear Fag-tor -- When your hot girlfriend asks you to meet her hypersexed, well-built, gay, doting gay male friends, with the expectation you will enjoy their flirtatious tit-grabbing and love them as much as she does.    

LowQ -- When smart women know exactly what is going on but rationalize clear signals. Useage, "It is LowQ for Sandy to think Gordon is acting suspiciously because he is probably about to propose, and not because he is banging Sandy 's sister."    

TaffyPuller -- A man who enjoys prolonging the uncertainty in the initial stages of courtship, because it is both intellectually and ultimately physically satisfying to see how long the flirting can be prolonged    

StationaryBike Flirting -- Girls who know that there are two types of flirting: a road bike variety of flirting in which you flirt in order to get somewhere, and flirting of the StationaryBike variety, which is flirting purely for the pleasure and the showing off of skill, with the expectation it will go no where.    

MockBlock -- When a hateful woman meets her "best guy friend's" girlfriend for the first time. She does not act hateful, jealous, or petty. Instead she becomes "best friends" with the girl, monopolozing all her time, ultimately turning her against the boyfriend.    

Chocolate-covered-banana --- Asian girl that channels her African American sister's angst in relationship frustration even though asian girl only has 1/10 th the rationale and 1/100 th the justification.    

Designated Hit-on Rule -- Borrowed from pro-baseball, now a tool for both genders. The person you date as a back-up to take your mind off the girl/guy you really like.    

SlideRulesGirl -- A bright woman, who knows the rules, can play by the rules, but doesn't, because, in fact, those are a whole set of rules that produce the most winningest seasons.

Pebble- girl that is a possible life long mate.

Boulder - girl that replaces about ten pebbles

Bird dog- girl or guy friend that helps point out new “potentials”.

Muffin top – girl that has a lil something extra hanging around above the jeans

SOFA – sweater over fat ass

Moose knuckle – something really gross like camel toe.

Cookie connoisseur  - person that just eats cookies

Cookie on the side. Person who is a #2. Never a number 1, i.e. girl who only dates married men. Unhealthy women do it repeatedly. Cunning women do it strategically.

Mistress wife combo. Happy relationships are when they are both the same person.

Freaking -is the new ballroom dancing.

Min Jung Kim has some Asian flavored slang at her blog

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