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Can you remember a time when the Internet wanted to be better than the brick-and-mortar world?! Doing things online was going to change everything!

Boom to Boomer
Well, here we are in the booming industry known as online dating. It represents over 25% of all Internet business. In order for our business to keep booming, we're going to need to up the quality. It's been quoted that over 20% of members have outright incorrect information.

Falling forward
Forrester estimates that 2 in 5 American do online dating. The taboo that once was online dating is no more. A known fact is that most people are on multiple sites and thus are able to quality compare. Sites that document these comparisons include theonlinedatingshop.com and dateseeker.com.

Does quality cost?! 
A large drop off in the migration from visitor to paying registered user is perceived lack of quality. Dating sites estimate that only 10% of visitors end up being paid members. How do you increase your closing ratio?! Increase quality. 

User verification trend
Losing sales of $10/month can be avoided by paying a one-time, low cost of $3.80. Stamp your members, "Dating Report Verified" and watch your numbers swell.

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