Yes, you're popular.  A person (listed on your email) has asked us to confirm your identity.  Hopefully, they previewed this in how it works, how we keep you safe and why its good for the community.  If they haven't this site should answer all your questions!

The only thing your inquirer sees is your name confirmed (sorry if we reveal your middle name) and your birth YEAR and Zip code.  No other info is shown!

So whether this is your third (or your first) time getting "confirmed", we hope you put your trust in us and allow us (OR RE-allow us- every time we MUST ask your permission) to confirm you by sending back your street address and full legal name.

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Number of street addresses, birthdates, zip codes handled without mishap   85,000,000+  

Why are we doing this?!  We are a site dedicated to make dating on the Internet safer.  Safety starts with confirming an identity.


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