"Confirming a person's real name and basic identity (name, zip, age) should be step #1 before meeting face-to-face." 
- Larry Chiang

Everyone talks about being safe with online dating. Here's a GREAT tool to help you confirm identity. The benefits are substantial

  • Making sure the person is who they say they are

  • Checking the birth year (we don't tell you the exact birth date for privacy reasons- just the year)

  • Confirm their street address/zip code -even though we don't tell you the exact address

  • Remember, criminals and sex offenders lie about their name. getting a person's real name/identity is SAFE

  • Money Back Guarantee- no strings attached.

How this works
Input your info and their info
Pay using paypal or Visa /MC
User #2 (the target is asked)
After target ok's, then the Info is verified
Results are sent to you!

"Our surveys showed that online daters want to have their cake and eat it too-they want to KNOW that the identity's been confirmed yet still stay private! We do that." 
- Larry Chiang

Sample Report
Thanks Susan for requesting a report on Frank Schummer. His information is confirmed and his birth year is 1964, not 1970.

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